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by geotec posted Jul 12, 2018


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Dear Sir or Madam

We are looking for business partner (distributor, local manufacturer) from all around the world.

I am sungwon Jung, and I represent geotec company in Korea.

We at geotec company, located in South Korea, offer one of the most efficient building solutions that exist today, known as the geodome and geocabin.

Our product geodome is a dome shape housing solution made of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics) that can be assembled in less than a day, with significantly low costs, but nevertheless lasts for 50 years.

Patented under the Korean Intellectual Property Office and certified by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy of Korea, we have already engaged with multiple buyers ranging from multiple recreational centers, camping facilities and housing in Korea, to even the Russian Military.

Also, we now produce the geocabin made of wooden OSB panels which have many superior features.

geocabin’s structural insulated panel is composed of insulation (polyurethane) core with interior and exterior skins of Oriented Strand Board.

Panels are precisely modular manufactured in factory, they include insulation, door, window and electrical conduit pipe and junction boxes to ensure the quality of construction while drastically reducing the time involved.

Our panel system is completely structural and can substitute for conventional framing in most applications.

Also geodome and geocabin’s roof-mounted solar power systems consist of solar modules held in place by frames attached to roof-based mounting supports easily and quick.

Our product geodome and geocabin are multi-purpose building suitable for many usages, such as weekend housing, glamping house, bungalow, recreation camp, disaster shelter, military bases, mine camp, mobile classrooms, mosque, churches and permanent housing.

We would like to take this opportunity to be partners if you would also be interested in our products geodome and geocabin.

Please have a look through our web site ( for more detail and feel free to contact me for any questions or inquiries you may have..

We look forward to hearing from you and wish the best of luck.

Best regards

Sungwon Jung/ President

geotec company

mobile: 8210 37785212




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