Justice on the murder of 23-months old boy in Ulsan, Korea

by El Kim posted Jul 27, 2018


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Hello. I'm a Korean citizen writing to inform you about a brutal murder case of a 23 months old boy 11 years ago in Ulsan, Korea.

* Details of case :  A 23-months old boy beat to death at a daycare center. The murderers are a married couple who operated the daycare center at the time. The boy was found a few days later with cut-off intestines from the beating. The doctors had diagnosed that the child must have suffered from an unimaginably grave pain during the last 3 days before his death. (*Please refer to link below)



The statute of limitations on the case has been expired, but the case has recently been back on spotlight in Korea because the people who killed the child had not been properly punished by law due to lack of evidence and witness. Over 300,000 korean citizens petitioned nationally hoping for a re-trial and justice, and many more are heartbroken and despaired from the news.

As a mother of a child myself, I felt the need to do something, to make a difference and therefore, am leaving a message because there has been information that the murderers are now living in the Phillipines.  I do not know if my actions will make a difference or have any impact on the their lives, but I strongly feel the need to do something. Therefore I am writing, hoping that more people will know of the cruelty of the case.

I pray for your help, for everyone's help so that justice can be realized.


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